We are publishing this post for all Dimash active fans who are interested in supporting Dimash’s musical career on the internet.
This is what we do, on all accounts associated with this website, so you can always check out our posts that are related to our favorite singer’s music.

Dimash Qudaibergen

We will list all the platforms here and explain exactly how Dimash’s music can be distributed to reach as many people as possible.

Each platform section has several links to Dimash’s account.

To avoid any misunderstandings, these details are useful for accounts that have been opened on these platforms specifically to support Dimash Qudaibergen – many of them using his name (as ours – Dimash Universe) or accounts that exclusively post content with and about Dimash Qudaibergen.
Surely, indisputably, the followers of these accounts are Dimash Qudaibergen fans.


We can share absolutely anything here.



Links to Dimash’s posts (made anywhere else, here included).

His Facebook posts can be shared very easy here – by clicking the Share button.

Instagram – we copy the reel/photo link and just paste it on Facebook.

YouTube – same. We click the Share button, copy the link, paste it on Facebook.

We can share the links on our pages/accounts or in Dears’ groups. We can share in comments, we can share in chats.

Links to Dimash’s content absolutely all groups accept (we hope).

Dimash Qudaibergen

Probably the best platform for what we are interested in – which helps as many Dimash fans as possible access the music he posts, where it is posted


  1. Because it is link friendly.
  2. Many Dimash fans are registered on Facebook
  3. Dears’ groups are very helpful
Dimash Qudaibergen dombra Hong Kong concert 2023

Please have in mind that as friendly as the platforms are with links (friendly meaning we can leave ACTIVE links anywhere), they do not like them so much (because links mean the users who click them leave the platform, going to YouTube, for example. Facebook does not like that.

The posts containing links can be somehow “hidden” by the platform (in groups, for example) and not so many see them.

For this problem to be diminished, we can use this method: we post (a text + a Dimash photo, for example) and link in the first comment the Dimash’s video we want to share. We can specify that in the post (exactly as such: please find the link to video in comments).

By sharing links, we make sure a lot of Dimash fans access his posts, like them, leave a comment maybe, increase the number of views on his video only and we are all happy.


Dimash likes Instagram very much and most of his posts are made here only.

He does not post very often, but when he does, here is what we can do.

The videos  (Dimash’s reels) – we can share them in our stories. We access the reel, click on the paper airplane icon, and then click on “Add to story” button. We finalize the story (it will be 15 seconds long) – and its viewers will have direct access to his reel just by clicking in the story.

Same place the “Add to story” button is (if we scroll to the right) – we should see – or not – a “Download” button. That Download button means Dimash allows us to download that reel. If it is missing, it means he does not allow the reel to be downloaded, so we do not.

Most of Dimash’s reels do not have these Download buttons. However, if  the button exists, we click on it and his video will show up in our device library. If we have downloaded it as such, a pretty big Instagram icon + Dimash’s Instagram username should be on that video, all the time (which means the video credits him automatically).

If that Instagram icon is not on the video, it means we have used a third party app to download it – and that is different and more complex action.

Third party apps

The third party apps (they are not Instagram apps) downloading content from Instagram can only be used after we receive the permission from the content owner. Permission can be asked by contacting the owner of the video in a private message, in comments – under that post or using an email contact the owner may have displayed in the account bio.

*If you have permission from Dimash to repost, please use the third party app. We do not have such permission, so we will not repost anything from Dimash on Instagram using third party apps.  Even if we would have permission to repost, we would not, because we care about his Instagram account more than about ours and we want more people to see his post and access his account.

But we can always share the link of the reel / photos on other platforms. 

Dimash Qudaibergen

The practice of using apps to download absolutely everything Dimash posts on Instagram is damaging to the main Dimash Qudaibergen account.
If we really want our followers (who are Dimash admirers) not to miss any post he makes (they should not since everyone follows him in the first place), we can post about it ourselves, on Instagram.
Example: “Our idol, @kudaibergenov.dimash just posted new pictures. Do not miss them!”

There are so many Dimash videos on the internet already that we can promote him with those for 1000 years, at least, so not so much need for others.

Instagram is not a link friendly and not the best sharing platform.  

However, it has few options of sharing we can use to share Dimash’s posts and maintaining our supportive intentions as well.

Our bio active links are the most visible. We can insert 5. To support Dimash – the links should be to his accounts / channels / videos / concert tickets websites sellers.

Dimash Qudaibergen

Active links to Dimash's music videos and posts in general are the only way to make his social accounts and music channels more popular.

Considering Instagram seems to be Dimash’s favorite, many Dears are spending a lot of time on this platform as well. 

Posting anything about Dimash here is surely welcome, but the limitations we face, considering the links in the texts of our posts are not active should be strongly considered.

Leaving inactive links here is pointless, so we can avoid the unnecessary effort of inserting them in the text – because the action has no result – nobody can click on them (unless they are not very easy to memorize visually and typed separately in browsers – YouTube links are not, unfortunately).

For example, when Dimash uploads a new video, the best way to share the happy news is to make a story + link to the Dimash video and then a post, asking followers of our accounts who see it to check out our story where we put the link to the new Dimash video.

The post can be made with a screenshot of the video in question. Anyone who sees it will clearly be interested in checking out what’s new.

Please never forget that our Dimash named accounts or Dimash supporters accounts are followed exclusively by Dimash fans, so they all want to see the news no matter how we present it.
The only thing we need to make sure of is to help them get there easily, not make them interested in what Dimash has posted (with edited reels, etc) – we do not do any promotion on a new video, we just share the news that there is a new video.

Video edits

Short videos edits that we can post about a particular video are certainly welcome, but 100% not in the first few days (weeks, even), period which should only focus on views of Dimash’s video. In conclusion – it would be highly advisable not to post – not even a snippet of a new video, being much better to at least wait until the pace of views starts to slow down on Dimash’s account / channel.

The edits should clearly be made with submissions to Dimash’s video – and still with reference in our stories, the only place we can put an active link – to his full video.

In short – we do not use any Dimash’s new videos in any edits, for as many days/weeks/months we are able to do so. 

There are many things to do on this platform besides what is usually happening now. Creativity has no limits when it comes to Dimash, so we can put it into practice all the time. After all, this is what fandom is all about, so anyone's posts are welcome and many of them, greatly appreciated. Socialising helps tremendously, especially as that's what social media platforms are used for in general. We can help each other in many ways by communicating and letting go of video/audio content posted - especially that which is not our own.

Screen recordings / downloads of any Dimash videos posted by him or his collaborators should not be considered edits or promotional content.

Such videos should never be uploaded to Dimash fans’ accounts or channels, as these videos have an owner who should have all the benefits gained in the online space (financial or popularizing their own channels), regardless of the platform they chose to post them on.
These videos are always and only shared with links to the source.

As these are the most valuable Dimash music videos uploaded to the internet, they must be respected and it is our responsibility, as active fans to fully protect them as much as possible from being multiplied, report them where we can and eventually stop popularizing fans accounts and channels that encourage these illegal practices.


In the Community Tab, if we have a channel – we can share links to absolutely anything. 

Dimash’s videos on YouTube, Dimash’s posts on other platforms, and so on. 

The most important thing we could do here – considering Dimash’s videos which are not uploaded on his YouTube (probably for various reasons, one can be the fact that only the video producers can post them – so our uploads are out of question) – are harder to find and watched by all Dimash fans.

Using this Tab – and all the other sharing options described above, we can share links to these videos as well and make playlists with them there, on YouTube, very easy to access and share on other platforms, anytime, for all Dimash fans who do not have time to search them on their own.

Our channels on YouTube, as active Dimash fans and supporters of his hard work should not contain uploads of produced videos, either by Dimash or by the media he collaborates with, because this is 100% illegal.

Having so many sharing options to the original uploaded content, there is no need for such sharing methods, facts which can harm us at one point and can also harm Dimash’s image – in terms of popularity the professionals working with him expect to see by posting videos of him on their channels.

And so do we, as we sure want as many producers as possible to see how many fans Dimash has and how loved he is around the world.

Dimash Qudaibergen

YouTube is link friendly as well.

The Dimash fans channels can use them to fully support Dimash and this help is very important.

The Community Tab is a super tool we can use to share absolutely anything. This tab works like any other social media platform and the posts show up when we scroll our YouTube news feed.

Dimash Qudaibergen Stranger concert in Hong Kong December 2023

To help Dimash on YouTube – the most important platform for him, as a singer, where his beautiful music is uploaded – we need to make sure to have registered accounts so we can like his videos, leave comments, reply comments as well.

The social side of our fandom can be split between the actual social platforms and YouTube, regardless how much time available we have to spend on the internet for Dimash.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing Dimash's posts popularity, so we will never think about our own accounts which were made to support the internet user Dimash Qudaibergen on all platforms.


Dimash’s music cannot be shared with links to his music videos.

But there are times Dimash uses this platform too. When he does, we can like, comment under his post and repost it as well. 

If we want more Dimash fans to know he posted on TikTok, we can share the link to his TikTok post on other platforms, so they can check and do the same.

Following the same steps as above-detailed, about edits and uploads we can make here, new videos should not be made available, for all reason detailed in the Instagram section.

We can upload photos here, edit slides if necessary, from a new video, using other audio or mixed sounds.

Whether we are skilled with edits, we can surely upload videos we upload anywhere else, but try not to display too much of Dimash’s videos, regardless how old they are. 

Highlighting the singer Dimash Qudaibergen is the reason we post, not uploading too much content which does not belong to us on our accounts, as the views we get there are not important to him.

The longer the videos are, the less chances the viewers will be curious in checking the video posted on Dimash’s account / channel. 

Dimash Qudaibergen

TikTok is not link friendly.

The only active link we can insert here is in our bio.

This is not a platform we can use to link any Dimash videos, so it should be rarely used. We remind you (see TikTok full page at the end of this post) that TikTok is known as a platform heavily based on a meme culture, so main part of the platform audience is not suitable for our purpose (support Dimash Qudaibergen’s singing art) from the start. It is a big platform as well, but less useful than the others, especially that it is very hard to make sure potential Dimash admirers get to him (because of the inactive links).

Dimash Qudaibergen

1 minute is a very long time for an internet user these days. 1 minute can be 1/3 of a song and could be enough, so Dimash's 3 minute song will never be accessed and watched entirely, so we do not help him by posting so long videos. You can surely check this by yourselves, in the posts analytics. Only active links are an authentic help for Dimash, who is doing an excellent job in promoting himself, by his extraordinary singing, and needs supporters, more than promoters of his music.


Besides leaving links to Dimash’s posts and videos made on the internet, we can repost his when he makes them on the platform.

Dimash Qudaibergen Stranger concert in Hong Kong December 2023

X (Twitter) is link friendly.

We can use it to share links to Dimash’s posts on other platforms.

Dimash Qudaibergen Stranger concert in Hong Kong December 2023


Never forget that the Dimash world is constantly changing, he is singing better today than yesterday, gaining fans every day, and probably more and more, who join us daily on these networks, groups, etc.

And we have to change too, along with Dimash.

We have limitless power to do one million things for him, from home, on the internet. Most of them for free. 

We inform, we socialize, we improve our knowledge about the platforms we use, we create, we help, we ask, we answer and make sure everybody we meet online knows where his accounts are.

Absolutely everything is very easy to do, if we do this

With much love,

for Dimash

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